Thursday, September 10, 2009

IDN Domains - The Best Investment Available!

IDN Domains - The Best Investment Available!

I dont know of any other investment available, that comes close to IDN (Internationalised Domain Names)
Colored Diamonds, are great...but they require a large amount of cash to get in the game.
There is no better (legal) investment out there, that could give you the same return as IDN Domains.
Its like getting on board, with regular domains, when the internet was brand new, and grabbing a few gems, at the beginning.
YES, you can still get some deals on Premium Generic domain names!
This would be impossible with regular English language domains, and the door is closing, so if you want to get in you need to hussle.
Where else can you pick up some prime virtual Real Estate, for less than $10 a piece?
Sure, the very best names are taken...but there are plenty prime generic terms still out there, waiting to be mined...and you can pick up some huge bargains, on the secondary market, at places like IDNForums.com , at least for the time being.
But......Don't wait long!
Things are about to get very interesting...

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