Saturday, January 8, 2011

HOW To Buy Domain Names in YOUR OWN Language.

Hi, again.
I am going to start adding more posts regarding IDNs (Internationalised Domain Names) on a regular basis from here on.
As in any Domain Name purchase, the top categories to look for would be GEO, or Geographical Names, Cities, Towns, Resort areas. As the ccTLDs are relaeased in IDN, they will probably be reserved by the governments where these places are located. In this case the will be the only option available, and thus will be very valuable.
Note: Ownership of Domain Names will also give the .com owner rights the the .com equivalent in each respective name, in each respective language.
Sometimes they will also be valuable if being a Resort area for a particular demographic. For example, if a Turkish resort area is highly frequented by a Russian clientele...owning this Turkish location, in Russian would be a wise choice.
Financial and Investment related Domain Names, would be a top priority, as well, as they tend to earn higher amounts, when parked or sold.
In the same quality, would be certain service related Domain Names, such as Insurance related terms.
After that, I would be looking for Generic products, like Coffee, Bathrooms, Furniture, etc.
Most of these Domain Names will no doubt, already be registered by someone already, however, they can still be purchased on the secondary market at prices that when looking back in a couple years will be deemed Very, Very Cheap.
Are there opportunities, in this market?....YES! I have SOLD more than once, IDN Domain Names that I paid only $7.99, for $10,000, and several at somewhat less money. And this without Business, and the general public having any Knowledge, of the availability of IDNs!
This is NOW starting to change, and Knowledge of IDNs, is about to become mainstream.
The Snowball has started rolling down the hill, the horse has bolted from the barn, etc,etc...
The Value of IDN domain Names, are about to climb, to more equal level of its ascii/English counterparts.
In fact, in a couple of years, and possibly/probably sooner, I would not expect to purchase anything of any value/significance, without having a very thick wallet!
With this in mind...if you are going to jump intp this HUGE Investment OPPORTUNITY, you need to do it NOW!

Some of my IDN Related Sites are: - All Language IDN Domain Name Site. - Russian - Arabic - Hebrew  - Hindi/Marathi - Czech/Slovak - Chinese - Greek - Spanish - Ukrainian

The Top Forum For Learning About IDN Domain Names, with members representing almost ALL Languages is IDNForums:

Hope this has been a helpful post...Stay Tuned For More, Soon.


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