Tuesday, January 11, 2011

IDN Domain Names - The BIGGEST Change To The Internet Since Its Inception!

IDN Domain Names - The BIGGEST Change To The Internet Since Its Inception!

Remember when the Internet was born, and you were able to purchase Domain Names for the Very First Time?
Some people were wise, and invested in this New Opportunity.
Virtual Real Estate was born!
Real Estate, that didn't cost hundreds of thousands of dollars...but just $10.
Later on we discovered that these pieces of real estate, were worth huge amounts of money.
Geographical Locations, Financial Terms, Products and Services, could all be purchased, and Prime Generic terms are worth BIG Money.

At one time you could purchase a decent Domain Name for a few thousand dollars.
Not Any More!
People are snapping up names that don't even make sense, like HomeInsurancesQuotes.com, and CarsRentals.com, etc, etc...
Why are Good Generic Names Worth So Much?
Prime Generic Terms, in Domain Names, when developed will place you high on the Search Engines, and bring you massive amounts of TRAFFIC and REVENUE.

Prime Generic Terms can also draw a large amount of type-in traffic, and therefore good revenue as well.
The problem is, ALL these names were purchased within a short period of time, and in order to acquire them, you MUST be very Wealthy, or you can forget about even trying.
Not so with IDNs (Internationalized Domain Names).
Prime Generic Terms are STILL Available to Purchase, At Very Reasonable Prices.
But Just as before, with English (ascii) Domain Names, they will become Extremely Valuable, as exposure to them increases. The Wise person will see this, and get involved, before these Domain Names, rise in value, and become unreachable to the average person.
Isn't it TIME you  had a Closer Look at this MASSIVE Opportunity, before it Slips Away?


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