Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Has ICANN & Verisign Dropped The Ball?

Well Its hard to believe...but its been 10 years since IDN Domain Names were first introduced, and available for purchase.
Many domainers jumped on board, and started to purchase these new domain names in several different languages, in the .com/.net extentions.
Verisign is the company that controls the .com/.net extentions, and they have gained large a large amount of revenue over the last 10 years, from the registrations, and yearly renewal fees.
In fact I think I can confidently say, that the domainers who have purchased these .com/.net IDN domain names are responsible in a very big way, for the furthering of IDN Domain Names in general.
As a group, IDN Domainers were extremely happy to know that ICANN was finally moving forward, with  implementation of  full IDN for, particularly since without the involvement and investment in these IDNs, and the belief that they would be an integral part of the future of the internet, the IDN Domain Name industry, would be dead in the water.
So what have they done?
They implemented IDN fast track for IDN ccTLDs, or country code extentions, and have left .com/.net  IDN
owners high and dry, in their dust
There is no question that the .com/.net IDNs will be aliased to include the respective transliterations in their repective languages...but what is the DELAY?
I know that these continual ICANN meetings, (at prestigious locations), year in and year out, with upscale lodgings and fine dining are a pretty good gig for these ICANN officials to have, and getting things done, might not be the modis operandi, in order to continue to enjoy these perks, for an extended period of time.
Its time to get your heads out of the sand, ICANN, and move the agenda along.
And while your at it, Verisign, start doing something for the people who have been filling your wallets for a decade! Who's steering the ships at ICANN and Verisign?
There is no excuse for this kind of Ineptitude!
Further discussion on this topic, with input from Tina Dam, can be viewed "HERE"    

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