Wednesday, January 19, 2011

IDN Domain Names - The Best Place To Learn About This Great Domain Name Investment!

IDN Domain Names - The Best Place To Learn About This Great Domain Name Investment!

I've been a regular at IDN Forums, for almost 6 years, now.
A fellow domainer had put me on to IDN Domain Names, and this was the original (and only) place to learn, buy and trade, at the time.
I was tired of trying to acquire any Domain Names of significance, and since I didn't have a 3 inch thick wallet, it wasn't going to happen any time soon!
I found it amazing, that Great IDNs could be registered, very reasonably, I may add, and I saw that the potential for growth was astronomical!
There are several thousand members registered at IDN Forums, and many new members registering every day. Of significant  importance, is the fact that there are a large number of members who are very knowledgeable, in every aspect of the Domain Name business, but in particular IDNs.
The membership there, includes almost all ethnic origins and languages, which is of great importance for any new IDN followers, as they can find help with any questions they may have regarding IDN Domain Names.
Since that time there are a great number of IDN related websites, and a number of additional language forums as well.
There are some SUPER deals available on the sales and auction forums, every day, and if you are at all could easily acquire a VERY GOOD portfolio, for a Very Reasonable price.
This portfolio, IMHO, will be worth a great deal, going forward.
If you think that IDN Domain Names are something you should owe it to yourself  to check it certainly won't be disappointed.
Links to IDN Forums and many other resources are available from my site: IDN Domainer  

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